štvrtok 30. októbra 2014


Hi. I am officialy back. I've been sick for more than 2 weeks, and I still am, but I go to school everyday so..I participate in life again.
On monday, my boyfriend and I, went to take some photos, just for fun and they turned out pretty interesting so I thought why not to add them here. He can't take photos..you will see. But he tried, I love him.
Next post I will add similar photos that I took. Hope you enjoy.

Jacket(Harrington)- Resistance (you can't get it anymore bc it's forbidden, and yea I am rebel)
Dress- H&M
Sweater- thrift store originally from Marks&Spencer
Shoes-H&M (sorry Alex)
Necklase- Ebay
 Lipstick- NYC
Nail polish- Catrice in The Dark Knight
So grungy.
More photos soon. Bye!

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