nedeľa 12. októbra 2014


Hi. First of all: I apologize for not posting anything. I wanted to post OOTD, but I am sick. Like really sick. So I stay at home everyday so no special outfits or anything..And I am tired it´s insane.
But that´s besides the point, let´s talk about beauty.
I am going to talk about CLEN&CLEAR DEEP CLEANSING LOTION. My experience with clean & clear is really bad, so far. I regret buying this.
One good thing: It was on a sale (that was a reason why I bought it). Also it says that is oil free and it has oil-fighting formula. It helps a bit, but not that much. Sometimes I woke up with normal face, it wasn´t oily but sometimes I woke up and my face was oily could fry on it. Ugh.
Bad things: It says that it helps prevent spots. Common now, it doesn´t do anything. Like you are putting it on your face and nothing happens. I am using it more than a month, and nothing has changed. Nothing.
This is my first review in my life. IT IS PROBABLY THE WORST REVIEW YOU HAVE EVER READ.:D It will get better I promise.
Your experience with Clean&Clear? Leave me a comment.

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