streda 1. októbra 2014


I thought I would change my blog a little bit. I want to write posts about beauty and fashion. Also, I will write in English, because I have to learn it somehow. So if I made any mistakes, feel free to correct me.
 Starting out with mascara. So this is Rimmel Scandal eyes as you can tell and I love this. It´s not that great as a Maybelline Rocket Volume Express mascara, but still a good one. This makes your eye lashes kind of "spidery" and long. It stays on pretty long and it looks really good, if you are a fan of thick and a bit bold eye lashes. It is also great for everyday (and school as well).
 Second, is this beautiful babe. I am a fan of bold and dark lipsticks, but this one..I don´t know. It´s not dark but it´s not light. I would describe it as a dark nude, rosy pinky dusty colour. THAT MAKES NO SENCE AT ALL:D I wear this everyday to school under a Rimmel lipgloss. It will dry out your lips if you don´t put a lipbalm underneath it, but in the end it´s a good quality one and also unexpensive.
And lastly I have a lipgloss, which is really rare for me, because I never wear it. But this one is good looking with the Rimmel London lipstick that I´ve just talked about. It´s in a shade: SNOG.
Have you ever tried these products? If you have leave me a comment please.

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