sobota 29. novembra 2014


Hi. Haven´t been posting I know, I am sorry. I have been quite busy, we had a lot of things in school like tests (a lot of tests), homework and projects. Also gymnastics..Just I had hectic November.
I did not have any motivation to do anything, to put on makeup, to dress up. I wore jeans and hoodie all the time. It was just all bad.
Also, one of my family members past away..I went on funeral and I cried really bad.  Then I couldn´t sleep.
But anyway, I am back. That´s all that matters, right? eh..
OOTD. (this picture is so old. it´s way colder now.)
This is a basic outfit, I wore it all the time.
Cardi, tee, skirt-H&M
Shoes- Converse
You can see my "beautiful" backpack.

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