sobota 31. januára 2015


Sometimes I don't want to wake up, because my dreams are happier than my actual life.
Hi everyone. Do you remember your dreams? What do you dream about? Are dreams important for you? To tell you the truth, for me dreams means a lot, I don't know why.. Dreams are my deepest thoughts. Yesterday I dreamed about my grandma, that's cute I know, but the thing is she is dead for 12 years. I can't get over her death. In my dream, we were talking and eating and I was looking at her while she was reading. I remember that I came around while she was sleeping, just to see if she is ok. You honestly don't understand how happy I was. I felt sorry that I had to leave her and wake up. I didn't want to, trust me.
But on the other side my dreams are so scary sometimes, I don't want to fall asleep. It's really hard.
What's your opinion on dreams? Tell me in the comments.
She lived in this village.

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  1. Dreams are very interesting topic. Your daily thoughts can have a big influnce on what you dream about. Well, actually the dream is made up drom your thoughts, fears; everything what is inside of sour head. There were times when i was saying that i have no dreams because i coul not remember them. But actually, everyone has dreams , we just can not remember them. After some time i tried the ' dream journal' technique and my memory got better. I love my dreams now. I do not know why, currently i have been having lucid dreams and i have never experienced anything better while sleeping. You can basically travel the world and meet people tru your dreams. I love go day dream, also at night.