štvrtok 1. januára 2015


Hi. Happy new year everybody.
This year was hard, not as hard as 2013, but still. I am glad that I am alive and not burried 6 feet under the dirt.
You know, being bestie with depression is hard, I can tell, but fighting with it, it's hard even more. But..I did it. I won. I am still struggling a bit, but I don't really mind. Everyone does.
So I hope that you will never have to struggle with mental illness. It is not fun.
Also I want to mention that this is the first year when I am without my best friend Alex. I miss you buddy. I really do. Thanks fot being here for me, even though you are miles and miles away.
I am also thankful for my boyfriend. He was so patient with me. He was alone when I was away for the month and he was sad, but he did not forget about me. He loved me. And he still loves me. I hope that one day we will buy a house and I will buy you a dog and I will make your favourite food everyday. I love you.
And my family..my dear family. I hope you won't be sad anymore, you won't cry anymore. Daddy please don't cry. I know it's hard to stand next to your moms grave and not to cry. I know. Mommy, please don't go. Please come back home. We miss you. I know you are sad too. But please..don't cry. Brother, please come back home. Please find some love. I love you.
I love you all. Thank you.

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