sobota 14. marca 2015


Hi everyone. I haven't been posting I know, but I had a reason. I haven't slept for few weeks, so depression came back and I didn't have motivation to do anything, I even missed out school. I feel like my life is nothing, it's so bad like..ugh. But that's besides the point.

My last post is a bit..silly but do you know why? I had done really beautiful makeup look, I had taken photos and everything but then..I circumstantially deleted all of the photos. I was so mad, you don't even wanna know. I had good lighting, photos were focused and everything, BUT NO I HAD TO DELETE THEM. Gosh I am so mad.
     And stupid..

So now I am planning to do a post about lipsticks, or maybe some fashion. What do you want to see?

Also I wanted to do post about running, because it's my favourite thing in the whole world. So stay tunned.


3 komentáre:

  1. Focus just on the good things love, do not let any of your negative thoughts to influence your life, you are aamazing and this thing with photos has happend to me like sooo many times but on the other side, perhaps it has happend for a reason because on the next time my photos were even better!

    1. And post about runing.. YES PLS

    2. Thanks my love, you always make my day!♡
      I totally will.