nedeľa 19. apríla 2015


Hi cuties. How are you today? I hope you are fine!

I have had a rough time for the past 5 days, I think I am going to do a post about it mainly because it is fair for you to know where I have been and why I am not posting.

Anyway, I have a OOTD post for you and these photos..The quality of them is really bad I know, but this will change because I am trying to use my camera more. The quality of my camera is not the best, but still better than my phone.

As usual, very "homeless-looking" outfit. :)
 Tee- Beavis&Butthead- Takko fashion
Skirt- H&M
Shirt- Thrift shop
Bomber- Resistance
Backpack- very old and damaged. I stole it from my brother.

I will write you soon, hopefully. I want to do another OOTD and also "make-up" type post. Idk yet.


3 komentáre:

  1. Hlavně si užívej kočko! :)) Já třeba musím teď jít se zahrabat pod češtinu na pár hodin... :(
    Si strašně pěkná! :)

  2. ahooj super outfit az na ten rupsak teda! ale inak krasny, len v tom pokracuj! :)

    1. Vieš jak to rupsak do školy.:D Už sa rozpadol takže nehrozí. :) a ďakujem!