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Hi, lovelies. How are you? I hope you are doing well.

And this post..ah ok. I had problems with taking these pictures. I couldn't find good set up and the lighting was bad and just ugh. Ugh. But I hope you enjoy anyway.

I wanted you to know that it was EXTREMELY hard to pick up just 3 lipsticks to show you, and that's why I am going to be doing a part 2, of course only if you want. I will be doing a bit of a review and also I swatched them for you. I love lipsticks so much, even though they don't suit me as much as I would like them, but that's ok. People often tell me that I shouldn't wear them but fuck it, I love lipsticks.

Here we go:
 1.Rimmel London-120- CUTTING EDGE. This lipstick is my fave wampy/bold lipstick. It isn't matte, which I don't mind. It is really pigmented and a bit hard to apply if you don't have a lipliner. 

2.Rimmel London-180- VINTAGE PINK. Can we just talk about the name.. On the picture, you can see it is well-loved and damaged as well. This is the perfect everyday colour, it's rosy toned pink and just..ugh amazing. Also this lipstick has a new packaging, so you can still find it in drugstore just with different packaging.

3.Maybelline-210- OH LA LILAC, This is more coloured balm than lipstick, but still. The colour gives me life. I love wearing it on regular days when I'm super duper lazy. It's really moisturizing and pretty.


Do you like them? Have you ever tried any of these? What are yours fave lipsticks? Let me know!!


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