nedeľa 31. mája 2015


Hi, long time no see. I have not been active for a week(?). As some of you know, I was sick so I was not able to do any ootds or anything and I was in a bad mood.

Also, the next week(when I actually went to school) I was super busy (I still am). I brought my camera with me everywhere, but there was no time for photoshoots.

Another thing is that I wrote some posts but I was not satisfied with them so I deleted them immidiately.

In addition to those "never-posted-published-whatever-post", one of them, was about running. I will post it as soon as possible.

And last but not least, I have new "banner" and backround on my blog. Do you like it? I am still working on it so chances are that I will change it once again.

Next post will be added tomorrow.

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