sobota 29. augusta 2015


Hello everybody? How's it going?

I have never done a haul on my blog, so this is a new experience for me. A little while ago, I ordered some things for Avon, bc I love this company. This post isn't sponsored or anything, I just want to share these products with you. Maybe I can do a review about them in future. What do you think?

*Pictures didn't turn out very well.*

I was ordering from their site which is .

 These 3 products (shower gel, body lotion and a body mist) came as a set. I wanted it mainly for the fragrance which is on the last picture/ on the left picture. It says it smells like Sweet sugar plum and vanilla. I know, sounds crazy, but to be honest it smells like heaven.  They didn't have it separately, so I ordered this set for 5,90 euro. I didn't mind it because I am out of shower gel and body lotion anyway.

 Moving on, I ordered this spot treatment. I think it's obvious what is this for and why I ordered it. I have terrible skin and acne. I hope it'll help. It says it has 2% of salasylic acid, which is good for acne prone skin. I am excited to use it.

And finally, this gel cleanser or face wash whatever. Again another skin care product. I like to try new skin care products since my skin is so bad and nothing helps.

Do you want me to do a review about any of these products? If so, let me know!


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  1. Určitě dej vědět, jak to zabralo na akné. Taky s ním teď bojuji.
    A ty 3 první produkty musí vonět krásně, ráda bych si je očuchala. :)))