pondelok 31. augusta 2015


Hello everybody! How are you? :)

*Fall inspiration.*

As some of you know, I love fall/autumn. It is my favourite time of the year. I love the melancholy and silence it gives. Autumn is so mysterious and kind of scary to me. I love the falling leaves and rainy days. You just lay in bed with your cosy blanket and favourite tea. Omg I love it so much.

Although, autumn is so beautiful, it also brings sadness to humans mind. People are going deeper to themselves and figuring out things. Maybe they think about the new school year. Maybe they feel alone. They feel alone because they are hidden deep inside their mind. Maybe they go crazy because of the tranquil atmosphere and they are scared of the spirits on Halloween. So please, when fall comes, go outside and enjoy the magnificent weather! (In other words: do not go crazy!)

But that's besides the point. Not long time ago, I took some pictures, because I got really inspired by mixing different textures. Do you like mixing textures and different materials?

Crop top-H&M


Do you think skirts are appropriate for autumn? Let me know! :)


4 komentáre:

  1. Krásně napsáno. Mám moc ráda tvoje příspěvky. ♥
    Taky mám ráda podzim ze stejných důvodů. A jak si namixovala top se sukní se mi líbí!
    Myslím, že sukně jsou na podzim skvělé. :)

    1. Ďakujem veľmi pekne! Veľmi si to vážim. <3