utorok 25. augusta 2015


Hello everybody! How are you? I hope you are fine. :)

Everyone loves music and I am no exception. In summertime, everyone enjoys music a lot more in my opinion, just because we are listening to it with our friends and family and making memories to those songs. Then we play them on repeat until it gets boring.

I have been thinking about my favourite songs and why not to share them with you? You can also share your favourite songs in the comments!

Throughout the whole summer I have loved Billy Talent, especially their Viking death march(video). But I have also enjoyed Hanging by a threadStanding in the rain and Red flag.

Lana is a classic for me. I love her. Besides the Honeymoon, I also loved Body electricOff to the races.

It would not be a proper summer playlist without a love of my life Marina. She is my favourite artist, singer and role model. I loved her song Forget and also Cant pin me down

And lastly, A Day To Remeber. I have been playing all of their songs on youtube so I do not know the exact names, but I liked All I want the most.

Which songs have you been loving? What are your faves? Leave me a comment!


6 komentárov:

  1. všetky skupiny poznám, ale nepočúvam ich... niekedy som fičala na Billy Talent, však zistila som, že to nie je až tak moja šálka kávy, ale 100 ľudí - 100 chutí :).

    Kejmy ♥.

    1. Tak veď chute sa stále menia. :) Ja som o ňom zistila len pred nedávnom.

  2. Great playlist! I am a big fan of ADTR and Lana Del Rey! (:
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!