štvrtok 17. septembra 2015


Hello everybody! How are you?

*Fall inspiration-details*

I haven't been active for a while and I am sorry for that, but school's started and if you read my Dear diary post, you would know that I am a bit confused right now. I don't have anyone to take pictures of me, neither I have posts ideas. And no inspiration. And no time.

Back to the post, today I took some pictures of a simple outfit you can wear during the fall. I didn't add any cardigan or a chunky flannel just because it's almost 30 degrees Celsius outside. I am not kidding. I hate it. It was supposed to be  fall time and not late summer. I think tomorrow I am going to wear shorts because of the weather. It's very annoying.

 For this outfit, I've chosen high wasted jeans. I love this type of jeans, because it fits me the best and I fell very comfortable and confident in it. Jeans that are low wasted never fits me, because of the waist (it is always too big) and lenght.

 And to add a little bit of detail, I put on this vest top with scalloped detail on the neckline and also on the ??bottom/end?? of the shirt. It is all black which I adore and fits into this autumn atmosphere perfectly.

Messy hair have hair



What do you like to wear in very hot fall days? Or maybe "late summer"? Let me know! :)


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  1. Veľmi pekné tričko :) také super do tohto ešte letného počasia, čo vážne nechápem pretože v septembri som už zvykla svetre nosiť...


    1. Presne tak. Aspoň že teraz sa to dalo tak trocha do normálu. :) A ďakujem !

  2. Love that song and your top! <3
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! (: