utorok 15. decembra 2015


Hello everyone! How are you today? :)

Christmas is coming and we all have our wishes. I know Christmas isn't about presents, it's about giving to others, forgiving and loving. I personally love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday.
Enjoy. :)

1. Clothes. I think everyone wants clothes for xmas but end up getting socks and underwear. I asked for some sweaters because they are soft and cosy and beautiful and just amazing.

 I also asked for creepers because I want these shoes so bad.

2. Beauty. This year I asked for some eye shadow palettes but I don't think I'll get them haha. My parents told me they didn't understand cosmetics but it's still on my wishlist. I love my parents they are so cute.

3. Books. This is something I'm certainly going to get. I love books and so do my parents. We always give each other books for xmas. :)

4. Cat. Do I want it? YES. Will I receive it? Definitely not. My dad doesn't want a cat in our flat but I keep convincing him, haha.

That's all the things I've asked for. Of course I don't want all of them that would be crazy. I just give some inspiration to my parents so that they have it easier with gifts.

Pictures-source: tumblr.com

What do you want for Christmas? Are you excited for holidays? Let me know in the comments! :)


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