nedeľa 13. decembra 2015


Hello everybody! How's it going?

Today I decided I would do my recent favorites post. I've done September faves if you remember/here\.

I don't have many things because I've been loving almost the same products. Oh and another thing, the lighting is so bad these days..I wanted to do this post for about a week now but I couldn't because the pictures looked terribly.

They still look bad but I really wanted to show you. Sorraay

 1. Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick- I'm sure many of you have already heard about these lipsticks. In my opinion RL & Kate Moss is one of the best collabs ever. This lipstick has amazing pigmentation and staying power for a highstreet lipstick. It's not your usual red, it's a bit deeper and darker which I find very pretty. It costs about 5 or 6 euros so it isn't really expensive.

2. Miss Sporty Nail polishes- (I took the first pic like a pro) In my last faves you might have seen nail polishes from this brand but in different colors.That's because these are my favorite nail polishes from highstreet\drugstore. The pigmentation is quite good, staying power as well and the price is only 2 or 3 euros. The first one is like navy mixed with grey and the second one is metallic so it goes from green to purple to grey or silver..I don't really know but it's fun and I loove it. Only thing that I do not like about the metallic nail polish is that you have to put more coats on your nails and you can mess it up pretty easily.

3. These bad boys. Check out my last post here to see more.

 4. You gotta have your tea. I've been madly in love with ginger tea. What's your fave tea?

5. This is a book, written by a feminist called Naomi Wolf. The book itself is called The Beauty Myth- How images are used against women. It's basically about how our society sees women. The author is writing about how women were treated, for instance, one woman got kicked out of a job because she wasn't pretty enough. She points out how women are trapped inside this stereotype of always being perfect and beautiful. And how it is used against us.

As for music, you can see up here, this is my jam atm, but I've been loving Rammstein as well, especially the song Ich Tu Dir Weh. :)

That's all folks, I hope you enjoyed this little post and let me know what your faves are in the comments section! :)


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  1. Hrozně moc chci tu rtěnku už dlouho, ale nemohla jsem najít žádný krásný odstín. Ale tenhle je super! :)