streda 27. apríla 2016


Hello everyone. How are you?

Recovery is the hardest part of every illness, I think. It might take months and years..But it will eventually work. I want to share my recovery from major depressive disorder and anxiety.

My mental illness started a while ago, probably 3-4 years ago. My 'official' recovery started in february 2014 but I wasn't ready for it. It was too soon. One thing I've learned is that with depression you need a lot of time and patience. It's something so deep and personal and can not be treated within a few weeks. The real recovery starts when you are ready for it and when you tell yourself now I am getting better and I feel healthy. It's when you can handle things on your own-at least most of the time.

My real recovery started in March. I'm not quite sure though. I decided to recover and I decided to be happy again. Why? I was fed up with this shitty life I was living. I used to be at home alone crying about all the things I haven't done. because of depression. One day I just said to myself : OK that's enough I'm going out. That was it. I went out, met a new guy and since then, I've been meeting tons of new people, I've been going out with my new friends and I've never felt happier.

Everything is in your hands you just need to wait for the right time. You need to take some time to heal yourself, to truly understand what your soul needs. After you realise it, everything will change and you will grow.

All you need is some time and to forgive yourself. Do it. Please.


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