utorok 7. júna 2016


Hello everybody. It has been a long time again. A lot of things have happened since I last talked to you. I went to Prague to a cheerleading competition which you can watch here. It was a pleasant experience and I had so much fun.

Summer is approaching and for the last 2 years, I always thought summer was something bad. I hated it. I hated shorts, bathing suits and public pools. Right now I must admit, I love it (even tho it is so hot and I sweat like a pig). Do you have any plans for summer? I surely do. I can not wait till the end of the school year. You can look forward to new posts from me!!

As the sun rises and sets 

I will most likely still be in bed 

It is now I have the choice 

Between great rest or great noise 

Between ocean swims or Netflix 

Between ephemeral love or friendships 

To soak in the heat or A/C 

To follow the stars or flow with the breeze 

For memories to store 

For moments to regret 

A time to leave things up to chance or to start all over again 

As the waves crash to shore 

I will watch; I will adore 

These freedoms; these choices 

Are what summer is for


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