piatok 29. júla 2016



Guys!! We have finally made it!

Hello everyone! How are you today?

We have finally arrived to Golden Sands, Bulgaria. From my last post, you may know that me and my father stayed in Sofia for one day and after that we went to a long journey to Golden Sands. We got lost probably like 4 times because my father thought he was smarter than GPS and he was not (unfortunately). After 4 hours of sitting in the car, we came to our hotel, went to dinner and for a walk on the beach. The sea is amazing and quite warm. The hotel itself is not really luxurious but it is ok because luxury is not a necessity. The food is amazing as well. They have a lot of vegan options which is quite nice! I love it here.

(BTW: the only bad thing about this place is the wifi. It is so slow...)


What is your favourite destination? Do you enjoy being around the sea?


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