utorok 9. augusta 2016



Hello everybody! How are you?

I must admit I am not in Bulgaria anymore, but frankly the WiFi in our hotel was so bad, I just could not be bothered to post anything. So, I am back! I am in Romania righ now. Actually, I am leaving tomorrow and finally going home from this 2 weeks long vacation. I am happy to go home. I want to be in my bed again and meet my friends. I will do an uptade on my social life soon because I think you would find it interesting. Enough rambling now. Enjoy my last post from Golden Sands! :) (and look forward to post from Targoviste, Romania!)

Me being scared. I just thought this picture was funny.

Tee- Primark
Skirt- beloved H&M
Shoes- Vans (check here)
Glasses- Next

Me trying to do something like a handstand but I kinda failed and this happened. Enjoy the view. :D

I loved being in Bulgaria, although the beaches were full of stubs. My father now calls Golden Sands Stub Sands. He thinks he is funny. Is he?

Let me know what you think in the comments! Have you ever been to Bulgaria? I would love to know!


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