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Hello! How are you?

I teamed up with MakeSpace which is a service that comes to your place, grabs your stuff and stores it! Through the use of the app you can tell them to bring whatever you need whenever you want it! Unfortunately, it only available in the US, but how cool would it be if we had it in Slovakia too? My closet is cluttered up really badly haha, so it would definitely be handy for me. If you are from the US, check their locations page.

I am showing you my fall must-haves because fall fashion is my fave. You can see my favourite pieces you had seen before because I always wear them (sorry).

Also, just a disclaimer, I wasn't able to take pictures outside because it was raining for the past few days. I apologize. Hope you understand.

 Must-haves: Bomber jacket plus black oversized hoodie I have stolen from my brother

 I chose this t-shirt dress and sweater because I liked the laid-back look of it yet it still has some soft grunge vibes. Look at that fancy hole in the sweater.

 Some details.

Me and my love.

OOTD info:
Bomber- H&M
Hoodie- my brother's
Sweater- H&M
T-shirt dress- H&M
Choker- from my dearest Alex.
Shoes- Deichmann
Lipstick- Astor in a shade Royal Diva


Thanks to MakeSpace for reching out to me. What is your fall fashion must-have?


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