sobota 4. februára 2017


Hello everybody! How are you?

I got the idea for this post from Eventbride (Click) which is a good source for planning and organizing events. You can easily set up events of your own and track who will be coming online with event organization software! (Click) They reached out to me with a great idea to make a post about Galentine's day. It's a day for you and your BFFs.

I thought since my bestie Alex lives in another country, I would make a fun day with my dearest cheerleaders. Our team is called DestinyCheerTeam and it is the only cheerleading club in Kosice, Slovakia. This kind of post is quite unusual for my blog, but after a long time of deciding it is finally here! We had a fun lesson full of dancing, conditioning, stretching and stunting and girls enjoyed it a lot!

You can follow my team on social media: Facebook- DestinyCheerTeamYoutube and Instagram.

I really need to work on Y-stand.

This is so funny to me, haha. This is how one of our dances ends and we look hilarious. I added this just for fun.

Crappy handstands.

More bloopies.

Thanks to my bae for taking pictures. You can find him on instagram @davidkoo158

Let me know how would you like to spend Galentines day! I would love to know!

Huge thank you belongs to Eventbride for reaching out to me. Don't forget to check their website (just click on the word 'Eventbride'). I've had a lot of fun working with them. They are such a lovely company!


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