piatok, 24. marca 2017


Hello! How are you today?

Sorry for not being here. I had a concussion and I was in hospital for a while. I'm all good now, but I can't dance which is unfortunate. My head still hurts a bit and I feel dizzy sometimes, but as I said it's getting better.

In this post, I'll be showing you my lipstick picks for spring. Spring is almost upon us and I am more than happy about it. I'll introduce you to some bright-coloured lipsticks filled with radiance and joy just like spring. This is the right time to be different and the right time to forget about your 'timid self'. Let's get started!

 fancy right

 Rimmel London Kate Moss collection, shade Boho Nude. This isn't really bright and daring, but it's really beautiful on the lips because it's creamy and it glides on so smoothly. It's quite orange based so keep that in mind. I think it's absolutely stunning and classy. Perfect for every day!

 Oriflame 'The One', shade Red Haute Couture. Everyone needs a true red in their collection, am I right? This has a beautiful shiny finish and a fresh look to it. It transfers and moves around quite easily because it is so smooth and creamy, but you get that with lipsticks that are affordable. I absolutely love this because the colour is really intense and it's easy to reapply!

 Astor Soft Sensation Moisturizing lipstick, shade Attractive Coral. I accidentally broke this lipstick so please excuse me. This lipstick is simply said beautiful. The application, pigmentation and staying power are really good. Just trust me on this one, this is a high quality lipstick.

Avon, shade Spring Lilac. This is one of those really shiny and light lipsticks. The colour is buildable and pigmented. It's called lilac, but on the lips it performs more pink than purple if you don't mind that. I'd highly recommend this.

Avon, shade Ideal Lilac, This has matte finish and it is (once again) more on the pink side. I love it, because it's easy to wear and it stays on for a long time. It's matte yet it's moisturizing so it's really comfortable to wear. I love this formula and I'd highly recommend it.

That is it for my Lipsticks to try post. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Don't forget to let me know what are your lipstick picks for spring in the comments!


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