pondelok 3. júla 2017


Hello! How are you today? :)

I've finally decided to do a makeuo haul. If you know me in real life, you would know that I'm a makeup junkie, I absolutely love makeup. I don't buy it that often tho (budget ya know). I was so lazy to do this, but here I am showing you all the goodies I've recently picked up. Enjoy! :)

BTW: you could have seen some of this stuff on my instagram @valleyofthedollss1 (follow for makeup porn!)

I got two body mists from Avon. I love these because they are easy to take with you and the smell isn't too overpowering. They both smell really good and are affordable! Get yourself one here!

 The next thing I got is this Nyx Vivid Brights liquid eyeliner in a shade 05 Vivid Sapphire. I've only tried it today and so far, so good.

 The next thing I got is this Nyx Epic Ink Liner in a shade  01 Black. I haven't tried it yet, but according to swatches on my had, the pigmentation seems really good!

The next thing is a Velvet Matte Lipstick from Nyx as well in a shade 04 Midnight Muse. It's a dark navy blue. I did try it earlier today and to be quite honest I found it quite chalky and not fully opaque. Maybe, I just need to play with it more.

Moving on from the Nyx stuff, here I have this glorious and amazing lipstick from Astor. It's the Soft Sensation LipColor Butter-Matte in a shade Elegant Diva. If you are looking for a perfect comfortable nude, this is a way to go. I can't praise this enough. I have another shade (dark purple) and I am in love with the formula. It's lightweight yet fully pigmented and it stays on for a long time. I highly recommend it! 

Swatches of the two lipsticks and Miss Sporty nail polish on my nails.

 I'm a nail polish lover. I love buying them and playing around with them on my nails. I got these two beautiful metallic ones. The first one is by Miss Sporty and the second one is by Pull&Bear.

Yet another eyeliner. I bought this one because my Avon one was all dried up and I desperately needed a new one. I came across this one and it turned out to be pretty good, but long story short, I broke the tip and now, I can't use it. Silly me.

So that is it for my haul. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments you recent picks or maybe some recommendations for me to try! I'd love to know!


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  1. Ty vivid linky od nyx toužím strašně moc vyzkoušet, kéž bysme měli někde blízko obchod :/

    1. Sú naozaj super, odporúčam! Ja ho tiež nemám blízko, najbližší je v hlavnom meste čo je na druhej strane republiky :D.