sobota 15. júla 2017



How are you all? I have this generic outfit post for you since they are my fave to post. I'm not gonna be active the next week because I'm gonna babysit my 2 little cousins.

To be honest, so far, I'm enjoying summer a lot. I like the weather because it's not super hot, but not really cold. I've been going out drinking, dancing and having fun. I never want this to stop. I'm not living in reality, I'm running away from it, but wine tastes so good and I love feeling numb at 2am in the morning with my best friend by my side. I know I can't live like this, but who ever said that I should live at all?

Disclaimer: My camera couldn't really pick up the small print on my pants and editing made it even worse. I apologize.

Here's a close-up of the print.
Photographer: ig @davidkoo158

Outfit info: 
Cardigan- C&A
Turtleneck- H&M
Pants- C&A
Backpack or whatever- /unfortunately it's not available anymore/


I couldn't attach the Swang vid, so here's another one. It's amazing as well. 

How do you like to dress in 'not really hot, but not cold' summer weather? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to know.

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