pondelok 16. októbra 2017


Hello, dollies! How are you?

My plan of posting 2 posts a week is failing miserably because of my busy schedule, but at least I always post an OOTD one a week which is great.

In this outfit I was trying to dress in a lot of typical fall colours such as mustard, black and red and to be honest, it worked out haha. I don't have much to say I mean this outfit is pretty boring and not really my style. Enjoy!



 Obsessed with leaves.

My one and only.

Outfit info:
Jacket- Resistence (you can get similar Harrington jackets from Lonsdale)
Cardigan- New Yorker
Tee- C&A
Pants- Tally Weijl
Shoes- Deichmann
Sack- tvojstyl.sk
Ring- Pandora
Liquid lipstick- Sephora cream lip stain
Nail Polish- Eveline

Social media:
IG- @jayypam and @valleyofthedollss
My boyfriend:
IG- @davidkoo158 and @dave.petras
HIS BLOG- id-pics.blogspot.sk



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