nedeľa 31. decembra 2017


Hello dollies!

Today is the last day of 2017. Does it mean anything to you? I mean humans created time so I guess it doesn't matter at all. My year was I don't know how to describe it. It was hectic, confusing, sad, very rough, disappointing and it learned me a lot. This year I learned so many things about life, about people and most of all about myself. I've been trying to overcome my deepest fears such as being myself and being open to basic human interactions. Although, my mental health got way worse I've got way stronger. To be honest, I'm not ready for another year because for me living is a chore. It's something I don't want and don't enjoy. Next year is my graduation year and I am not ready in the slightest. We will see. Thing are the way they are supposed to be.
So always be yourself and always learn new things. Let go of everything that holds you back and let your spirit free. Trust me and have a nice NYE.

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